Fire Risk Assessments

We are registered Fire Risk Assessors in East Anglia, and will carry out systematic and methodical risk assessments for your property. If you are just moving into your premises, or have had substantial renovation work on the property, having a Fire Risk Assessment is a legal obligation. However, this needn’t be an intimidating or expensive process, and at Zen Fire Assessments, we will work with you so you have the information you need.

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Alongside our fire assessment services we provide the following:


Pre assessments


Post risk assessments


Fire door assessments



Do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?

You will need a Fire Assessment in the following instances:

  • You are a business-owner responsible for premises
  • You are a voluntary organisation or charity
  • You are a contractor with control over any property
  • You are providing accommodation for paying guests
  • You are a landlord with more than 4 tenants

Of course, a Fire Assessment not only protects you legally, but also helps to protect your employees, your business assets, your guests, and yourself from fire hazards. We are highly experienced and qualified fire risk assessors, committed to helping business owners and landlords in keeping their property safe.

Selling your property

If you are a freeholder for a block of flats, or selling a commercial property, a Fire Risk Assessment is a legal responsibility. Having an Assessment completed, and conformed to, shows the buyers that they can complete the purchase with peace of mind, knowing they will not need to make substantial alterations, although this is dependent on usage.

What does the Fire Rick Assessment include?

The Fire Risk Assessment lists the following information:

  • The Responsible Person
  • Contact details and address
  • The standards applied to the findings of the reports and the governing legislation that applies to the premises
  • Information on any non-compliances and actions taken to fix them (time bound planning)
  • Photographic evidence of non-compliances to aid easy identification for maintenance
  • Evidence of routine maintenance or servicing undertaken

An accurate and compliant Fire Risk Assessment that is regularly reviewed not only ensures you are legally compliant but gives you peace of mind. Contact Zen today to book a Fire Risk Assessment for your business.





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