At Zen Fire Assessments Ltd, we carry out fire training, fire risk assessments, and fire door checks in Cambridgeshire and throughout East Anglia. You can then make a well-informed decision about fire safety improvements, and a fire safety report is a real asset when it comes to obtaining insurance for your business. You can bring peace of mind, informed decision-making, and cost-effective fire safety to your business, with Zen Fire Assessments Ltd


Fire Risk Assessments

We are registered Fire Risk Assessors in East Anglia, and will carry out systematic and methodical risk assessments for your property.  more  

Fire Door Assessments

We are UK Fire Door approved inspectors, and can check your fire doors thoroughly to make sure they will be effective.   more  

Fire Training

You can arrange fire training for your staff, and yourself, through Zen Fire Assessment, helping your employees know what to do in an emergency.  more  


We can help with your emergency planning and evacuation drills, and advise you how best to improve fire safety in your premises.  more